12 Sureshot Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

Hello, friends for today’s article I have researched more as I too will be following these sure-shot ways to increase Alexa rank quickly. My Alexa rank has been consistently falling down due to an irregular schedule of posting on the blog. And the effect of this was so shocking that my daily page views were down to 39.3% and my daily time on site was down to 14.00%(according to Alexa.com).

Let’s come to the topic of how to overcome such a situation? don’t worry I have the perfect solution, but before that, we’ll see some basics behind Alexa.

What is Alexa Rank And Why You Should Bother To Increase It?

Alexa rank is a web information company owned by Amazon.com.Alexa rank given to any website is decided by the traffic a site receives. The point to be noted here is, it counts the visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.

When you read the above point the first question comes to our mind is who the hell has this Alexa toolbar installed in their browser? and the answer is quite simple most of the webmasters!

So we can say mostly the Alexa rank increases if we have more targeted traffic to our site.

Why You Should Bother?

Firstly, the advertisers look into your Alexa rank before giving advertisements on your blog.

The next is for getting guest posts. Also, your site’s reputation is considered on your Alexa rank.

Good Alexa rank helps you to ask for more money when it comes to advertising on your blog.


Sureshot Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

1 ) Install Alexa Toolbar – 

This is one of the basic things you should do and set your homepage as your site. This will count the visitor to your site with the Alexa toolbar installed in the browser.

Your count for toolbar visitors will increase and will help you gain a good Alexa rank.

2) Claim Your Site On Alexa –

You have to claim your site which is very simple and only a two-step work. Now Alexa also provides free site metrics to get the most accurate Alexa rank for 1 month. For that, you have two ways to do it, either add code to your site or upload the Alexa rank verified file to the root folder. Claim it here.

3) Put An Alexa Rank Widget On Your Site –

This is a very simple task as you have to just copy the HTML for your favorite banner , select text widget paste the code and place it either in the sidebar or footer area. Get Code.

4) Encourage Others To Use Alexa Toolbar – 

Yes, you have to ask your friends and all your regular visitors to install Alexa toolbar in their browser. Not to worry it’s just a single click and takes a few seconds to install. And now you also install this tool and keep visiting SoftatTop.

5) Write About Alexa – 

You have to just write an article about Alexa, its review, how it works, how to increase Alexa rank, etc. The same work which I am doing now(wrote an article on Alexa)

Don’t hesitate to write about Alexa on your website and share it on all possible platforms.

6) Take Help Of College Lab Assistant – How?

Ask your lab assistant to install the Alexa toolbar on all computers and set your website as the homepage for all browsers.

Every time anyone starts the internet they will first go to your site with Alexa toolbar installed browser which ultimately gets counted as toolbar installed visitor(which we actually want).

7) Write Content For Webmasters –

As I said earlier, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers most of the time. So try to write an article related to blogging tips, SEO, etc.

Writing such an article will get you more webmasters traffic and will increase the count of toolbar installed visitors.

8) Ask Your Friend To Give Reviews – 

After brainstorming on Alexa rank I came to know that somebody giving reviews about your site on Alexa will also help you to gain a good rank on Alexa.

9) Share On Social Networks – 

If you take social network marketing seriously it will really help you to get a good amount of traffic to your site.

Try to share each of your articles on all possible social networks including Digg and StumbleUpon.

10) Write More Frequently – 

This is very important for any kind of blog whether it is about making money online, blogging tips, SEO, etc. When your blog decides a particular schedule for posting on site then it will surely help you get more and more traffic every time.

I will suggest you publish one post daily and see the incredible increase in your traffic in just 45 days.

11) Come Up With Unique Articles –

This point is suggested by each and every blogger but we forget it most of the time. We just read 2-3 articles and write them in our own words and think we have written a unique article but this is not the case.

Readers want something new that they have not read on any other blogs. So think about yourself and come up with some unique stuff.

12) Visit Your Own Site – 

This you can consider as a bonus tip as it is the simplest way to increase your Alexa rank. The only thing you have to do is install Alexa toolbar and surf your own website daily

Conclusion – 

Above are the most guaranteed ways to increase Alexa rank quickly.

Just follow them all and let me know in the comment section what changes you can see in Alexa ranking ..:)

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