16 Free WordPress Theme Frameworks To Create Your Own Theme

The best thing about WordPress is its flexibility in designing different types of websites. So, now if you are thinking about WordPress theme development, first you need to select the free WordPress theme framework to create your own theme.

Here I have searched 16 free WordPress theme frameworks so that you need not research them just select one and start creating. But before that, we will discuss some points related to that –

What WordPress Theme Framework Exactly Is?

As I previously mentioned WordPress is an awesome open-source application that helps us create any type of website.

So, frameworks are like raw themes provided to customize it according to particular requirements.

This framework already contains the code to facilitate your designing and lessen your stress from copy-pasting the code.

Why You Should Use Them?

If you are a regular theme developer then frameworks are boon for you as they avoid repetitive tasks like checking your mark-up and writing code.

The biggest advantage is time-saving and efficient development as you need not worry about the WordPress back-end code which is used in every theme.

These frameworks have large communities associated with them which provides classic support. Frameworks also come with optimized CSS, HTML, PHP functions, and SEO.

Free WordPress Theme Frameworks

1 ) Foundation 4 – 

Developers of this framework have said that this framework is one of the most responsive design frameworks. Case studies, docs, and awesome support are the key features of this framework.

My Brother in Law has developed a fantastic theme using this framework, You must try it, I am also using it on my other blogs. Download this free theme here – Opencodez theme ( By – Pavan Solapur )

2)  PressWork –

Awesome features like – most user-friendly front-end editor, drag & drop options, media queries, uses HTML 5 . If you are looking for a full-width responsive framework, this is a good fit for you. Also comes with great Google fonts :).

3) Gantry Framework – 

Another free framework for you to get you with a flexible design. Almost all topics are been covered in the documentation section. A step-by-step guide to giving you a complete idea for development is given to make it easy to use.

Also if interested, a Joomla guide is provided to develop new with it.

4) WhiteBoard –

WhiteBoard is a completely free and open-source wp framework and comes with numerous features. Short and simple code.Absolutely good for search engine optimization. Great editor and save development time.

5) Roots – 

Complete reference guide and useful for Drupal development. Root provides you with great support for all your queries. All the old versions are available to download, choose which suits you the best.

6) Hybrid Core – 

The awesome free framework was very useful to develop a parent theme. Fonts used are very pleasant to the eyes and there are many free themes that are also available on wordpress.org to download. Forums are always there to help you with all doubts.

7) BootStrap –

One of the best frameworks to develop a WordPress theme in a very short time. A complete guide for the development of themes. All requirements are provided with their free downloads.

8) The Buffet Framework – 

Very less known framework with a straightforward interface. Supports SEO with breadcrumbs, heading, etc. Enable disable options are provided to choose out of many features in the theme.

9) Hand Crafted WP – 

Simple to use. Works with HTML 5. Very flexible framework but I don’t think they can provide the support you will need when developing a theme.

10) Skeleton –

The framework focuses more on CSS ( Design of theme ) and is very flexible. Some of the features are – responsive, fast loading, great typography, etc.

11) Starkers – 

A very nice and simple framework. I have not seen the docs for it but it’s really good to work on.

12 )  Reverie Framework –                                         

A great versatile framework basically works on Zurb’s foundation.Uses HTML 5.

13) Bones –  ( Blank theme for WordPress development)

Haha, I just love the home page of this framework.No matter you want to use it or not just visit there home page once ;).Totally free and most responsive for mobile phones. Loaded with all docs necessary.

14) Thematic – 

Simple interface and has great support for you. Docs are also available for download. Forums are also available to get to you every possible help.

15) Simon WP Framework –  

Blank framework to provide you with great flexibility. This framework comes with custom icons for quick development.

16) Twenty Ten Five – 

The most basic framework for WordPress actually comes default with WordPress.Very simple interface and search engine friendly. Works on HTML 5.

Over to you –  I hope now you are clear about the frameworks, why they are important, and why we should use them So, which one you wanna use for your theme development? Another thing,  if you know some more frameworks which fit in the list please feel free to add them in the comment section, it will be highly appreciated cheers!

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