8 Main Mistakes Of Guest Blogging Process

Here are some common guest-posting mistakes that are part of the process because the blog master is not doing his or her job correctly.

Here are some points about the guest-blogging process that fall flat because the blog master is making mistakes. See if any of these apply to you.

#1 You didn’t tell the guest poster to promote the post 

Why wouldn’t you tell the guest poster to promote the post when it is done? It is such a no-brainer, and they are the ones that are coming begging to you, so imposing a few conditions is a great idea.

All you have to do is ask the poster how he or she plans to promote the post prior to accepting it. They all have their own social media profiles that may be populated with the promotion of your post. It is all about getting the most out of the guest posters.

#2 Why didn’t you create a list of rules for guest posting proposals

There are quite a few blog masters that allow guest posts but then do not bother to impose a few rules on the website. It will save the blog master a lot of time and effort if rules are published on the website itself.

Added to which, if a person does not follow the rules on the website then there is no harm in not bothering to reply to them or simply sending a rejection quoting that they did not follow the rules for submitting guest post proposals.

#3 You responded to a spam email?!?

Why, oh, why would a person do this? It is so irretrievably dumb for the fact that it encourages spammers to keep doing what they are doing. Their feelings are not going to be hurt if you do not reply to their spam email.

If anything, they owe you an apology for being so thoughtless. Do not reply to a message that is clearly a spam message. It will not have followed the rules on your website if it is a spam message.

#4 Someone sent you content and you edited it yourself!

How are you? Some kind of idiot? If they send you a piece that is full of mistakes, then it is not your job to correct it. Send it back to them and tell them to tighten up their writing or you are not going to publish it.

Unless they are paying you to check, proofread and edit the post then you have no business correcting it for them. They are the ones getting a backlink out of all of this, whereas you only get a bit of extra content. This means they owe you time, not the other way round.

#5 You agreed to post before even seeing the article?

Some people do this but they are a bit silly because it gives the writer free range to send you crap. Just agree to read through the post that they propose. They may try to force you into saying you will definitely post what they send, but you would be a fool to do this as they could send you any old crap.

#6 They are linking to a black-hat site and you never thought to check?

This is another one of those moments where it is really a good idea to flush your head down the toilet. There are guest posters who are going to want to link to “dodgy” sites, and if your website links to them then you get in trouble.

Yet, the only way and the most pertinent way around this is to check the website that the site links to. If the link doesn’t yet land on a page, then say you cannot install the link because a broken link will harm your website SEO.

#7 You can’t recognize spun content?

If you cannot recognize spun content then you need to start running your website articles through a few spinners to see what comes out. The text it creates is truly horrible, and even if people spin stuff manually it comes out like diluted seawater.

Have a look at the sort of thing it comes out as and you will soon recognize when someone is spinning and when someone is simply a bad writer.

#8 Why are you letting the guest poster bully you?

Do not let them bully you. It is your website and your blog so stop letting them push you around. If they nag then tell them they are annoying and block their email. If they try to bully you or say you are doing it wrong or wasting their time then block their email address. Who’s always right? You are you damn fool!

Final Words –

Guest blogging is a very sensitive matter in the blogging world. Just try to keep it all ethical and explore yourself to the maximum. Let me know if you have any doubt regarding guest blogging, I will definitely try to help you in every manner possible.

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