9 Benefits Of Regular Posting On Your Blog

Benefits Of Regular Posting On Blog


1) Readers Start Linking You –

Yeah! it’s true when you regularly post on your blog, readers start liking you as it develops a relationship with readers through this digital world.

When we post, we often share our own experience and what’s going on in our life which creates a feeling that you are the friend of the reader behind the screen.

So from now don’t be afraid of sharing some personal issues with your readers.

2) Alexa Rank Increases –

Back in November 2012 when I started blogging, my holidays were going on and I used to post regularly on SoftatTop and you can’t believe my Alexa rank was falling down like a stone.

So here on my personal experience, I can tell you blog regularly and get wanted figures for Alexa.

You can also download the Alexa toolbar for your web browser and it will not be wrong telling your readers also to download it as Alexa counts the visitors who have this toolbar installed.

3) Become More Popular –

When you regularly post on your blog it shows how active you are in your work. This also improves your interaction with readers as it includes replying to their comments, if this is not possible you can install Thank Me Later plugin which can automatically send thank you mail to the comment on your blog.

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Your Interaction on social networking sites also increases when you are online and helps you get in contact with more people and make you popular.

4) Search Engines Traffic Increases –

This is something very important for every blogger to get more search engine traffic and here we get the tip for the day when you regularly post on your blog, your blog will automatically be shown top at the search results.

When you post daily, it shows you are serious about your blog and passionate about blogging and will definitely get you more traffic.

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5) People Trust You More –

This is all about creating relationships with your readers which is very good practice for every blogger. As I have already discussed, regularly posting helps you to win the hearts of many people and get attached with you.

Attaching with readers helps you get repeat visitors and they start trusting you which should be always welcomed by any blogger.

When you get more attached readers and subscribers, they also recommend your site to their friends which will surely help you get more traffic.

6) More Advertisers –

It may be interesting to know that you will definitely get more advertisers when you regularly post on your blog.

The reasons are simple, due to your less Alexa rank as most of the advertisers consider Alexa rank for advertising. The second is more traffic from search engines which will help you to get more income from advertisers.

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7) Frequent Visitors Will Become Regular Readers –

Reading the topic only you can understand what I want to tell you here.Let’s take the example of a newspaper, you read news once but the next day also the newspaper has the news that of previous day you will definitely stop reading the newspaper and switch to some another one.

The same is the case with blogs, as frequent visitor visits, reads your blog and again after some days they come again and sees the same post there, they will stop coming back to your site.

While its opposite, when you update regularly on your blog frequent visitors will always find something new to read and will become repeat visitors.

8) Helpful For Getting Google Page Rank –

You might be knowing Google loves sites that provide fresh, informative, and unique data.

According to the Google website, the sites which are updated regularly creates impression on the Google team that the author is serious about his/her website and will be providing great information to readers.

By winning the hearts of the Google team by regularly posting on blogs with fresh and unique content you definitely get a good Google Page Rank.

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9) Way To Successful Blog –

When you have future plans for your blog regularly posting is the key to a successful blog.

Once you get the habit of posting regularly all the benefits listed above will come your way and no one can stop your blog from becoming successful

Conclusion –

I hope you are now aware of the benefits of regular posting on the blog and will start working towards it.

So now let’s start together as I too will be posting regularly and will try to bring more important aspects about blogging before you. Enjoy! Keep Blogging

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