Best Online Resources To Learn Basic Coding

Hi friends, so want to learn basic coding?  It has become the need of today now. If you remember Bill Gates once said ” Coding will be the next literacy measuring tool “. The country which will have more programmers/coders will be known to be more literate in the coming days.

So today we will start learning at least the basic coding or concepts of some useful programming languages –

Learn Basic Coding Online


If you like learning by seeing videos then TreeHouse is best for you. TreeHouse provides courses on –

  • web designing
  • HTML and CSS
  • Ruby
  • iPhone Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • PHP Development and many more…

One thing I love about TreeHouse is their tagline – ” From Zero Experience to Job Ready ”. I bet if you attain their courses seriously, it will help you become an expert.


Basically developed for the girls from backward countries to make them aware of coding/programming. Not just coding, they also help with all the software development processes.

Ohh ! you are confused as you are a boy? don’t worry man, the internet is open source and you can use this site without any hesitation. Just go to resources, select which course you are interested in, and start learning.


Just another awesome product from Google. There are hell lot of courses provided which are divided into 3 sections –

  • Mobile Programming ( Android )
  • Web Development
  • Programming Languages

So if you wanna be a master in these sections, definitely go for Google developers.


If you already have some basic knowledge then for Code Avengers. They provide a great user-friendly interface which makes it easier to learn basic coding.

Basically, Code Avengers is divided into 2 modules – 1) Learn HTML5 / CSS3 and 2) Learn Javascript. The team has made great efforts to make it more interactive and fun learning.


One of my favorite sites not because it provides a great learning environment but it has all the necessary stuff for any computer science student.

Udacity is divided into 3 parts –

1) Beginner ( intro to computer science, intro to physics, intro to java, etc..)

2) Intermediate ( web development, mobile web development, interactive 3D graphics, etc..)

3)  Advanced ( artificial intelligence for robotics, applied cryptography, etc..)

So if you are a computer science student got for it.

Learn Basic Coding


The ultimate source for all electrical and computer science students. Don’t worry it’s not necessary that you should be an electrical or computer student but for them, it’s the best resource available out there.

MIT Open Courseware just don’t focus on coding but takes care of all your studies essential for graduate or undergraduate student.

When you select a particular topic to study, it comes in a very planned way like what will be the syllabus, the timetable for complete courses, downloads, etc.


The most trusted site by many coders. I like the try editor of it and I often it to experiment with my new code. If you are just starting with the coding, want to learn basic coding then go for Codecademy.

They provide courses on HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby, etc.


A mega package for all the people who love to learn online. Along with coding, you can study any tech subject that too from professional. Coursera has a total of 423 categories right now and updates frequently with new courses. You can become a master in any subject if you sincerely follow all the courses.


Do you like learning from video tutorials? then code school is the perfect place to learn basic coding online. Code school covers topics like HTML, CSS, Ruby, Javascript. The most interesting thing is they help us develop an iOS application even if we have no basic idea. Isn’t that good?

10 ) W3SCHOOLS –

Frankly speaking, one of my favorite sites,s and I use it basically to learn HTML and CSS. W3schools also has tried its editor which is again my favorite feature.

W3school covers topic like HTML / CSS , Javascript , Server side languages ( PHP , SQL , ASP etc..) , ASP .NET , XML tutorials. Overall I can say most discipline sites to learn basic coding.

11 ) HTML5 ROCKS – 

This is a Google project, so no doubt it will the best. HTML 5 Rocks updates every day.  It has a large collection of HTML tutorials from experts.

Reference, Books, Documentation, Tools, and Community support is awesome for HTML5 Rocks. It really rocks.

12 ) CODING BAT – 

This site mainly deals with Java and Python. You may find coding bat useful as it is divided into many sub-points for particular languages. So if you start from somewhere in between, it’s very easy to understand.


Apart from learning any programming language, the code player explains some cool stuffs. This includes animating CSS3 gradient, calculator using javascript and CSS3.

So if you want to know how different software works then code player will definitely help you. ( Also includes videos for better explanation )

14 ) 9LESSONS – 

An Indian guy Srinivas Tamada runs this site with all his hard work and talent. Srinivas seems to be a great web lover and supports the open-source community.

His area of interest are jQuery, wall script, and often seen to develop modules used in Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you are really excited to know how coding is done behind these modules do check 9Lessons.

Over To You – 

So, Friends, these were some resources I personally use to learn basic coding and understand stuff.

Do you know any more such resources? And also let me know how these sites help you. Cheers. Happy Coding

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