Effective Mobile Learning Solutions: Challenge to Elearning Developers

Effective Mobile Learning Solutions: Challenge to Elearning Developers

The past few decades have witnessed the structure and ways of imparting education undergoing huge evolution. With the advancement of technologies that incorporate digital devices to disseminate information, the present education system stands totally redefined.

Owing to the online education-oriented applications and programs available in the market; the essence of education has taken a new form. Since learning is no longer restricted to classrooms only, creating learning courses and materials for mobile poses a serious challenge to e-Learning developers of today.

For the present generation of students, learning is determined by two key factors – engagement and mobility. Surely, the importance of classroom-based training has not diminished, but nowadays schools have also adopted online learning and mobile learning techniques to ensure better and more effective training is imparted to students.

After all, an application that evokes fresh interaction with the educative subject matter, and is engaging in its navigation and approach is sure to arrest the attention of students. This is what makes the entire learning process fun-filled and interesting.

With technology-oriented learning becoming popular, let us take a look at why mobile learning is gaining precedence. Firstly, with mobile learning, students can choose to learn at any point of time they wish and from anywhere on the globe.

Defining the mobility factor, learners now prefer learning on the move. So, they no longer have to restrict themselves to school timings to embark on their education, which is truly taking education beyond barriers. Statistics point out that every month more than 1 billion educational apps are downloaded from the App Store, which indicates the success of these apps in teaching their content to learners.

When such a lucrative market is out there, it is unwise for the developers not to tap its potential in creating contributory educational apps.

A common misconception that may arise due to the popularity of mobile learning is that with digitization, student-teacher interaction will get hampered. Surprisingly, on the contrary, studies reveal that mobile learning has facilitated the teacher-student relationship by making it more interactive.

These days 46% of students reach out to their teachers to clarify their queries about an online course they have taken up themselves. So, it’s wholesome learning we are looking at, where students get to learn experientially than theoretically. Whether it is eBooks, Vodcasts, Podcasts, or learning apps, the ultimate objective is to convey concepts in an effective way and allow students to learn while exploring their options with mobile devices.

Keeping the above criteria in mind, it becomes a daunting task for e-Learning developers to design and develop e-learning applications befitting mobiles. After all, creating learning material that would be projected on a small mobile screen with a target to teach the learners something new and keep them engaged throughout, is nothing less than an ordeal.

However, with the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, the world of learning is waiting for a deluge of effective mobile learning applications. So, it is a promising and thriving domain where the developers have to strive to make their mark.

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