Free Apps For Android To Overcome Stress And Depression

I have round up some amazing apps for android to overcome stress and depression and to help you take care of your mental health.

In today’s world, we have to face competition in some or the other way which ultimately leads us to get into depression or becomes the reason for our stress.

Without wasting any time, here comes the list –

Free Apps For Android To Overcome Stress and Depression

1) Positive Thinking –

We always need some motivation to get out of depression. If we are always surrounded by positive energy around us then it is very easy to overcome all our stress.

Positive Thinking Android App

The positive Thinking app is one of the solutions for fighting against depression. This app will always welcome you with a happy and inspiring thought every time you look into your smartphone.

An App that will always help you build a positive attitude towards everything you do.You can also add your own quote to this app which you find motivating to you

Comes with n number of features with easy-to-use and beautiful themes.

2) What’s My M3 – 

Another free app for android to take care of your mental health. This smashing app is available free till June 1, 2014, so, don’t waste your time and go get it

What’s My M3

This app will probably ask you 27 questions and at the end gives you a score. This score is important to guess whether you are facing any moody disorder, chances of heart attacks, blood pressure, etc.

Using this score, you can guess the symptoms or potential risks of stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Right now, this app comes in English and Spanish-supported languages but soon others will be added in the next versions.

All the tests you will give are kept confidential :).

3) NIH Depression Information –

This app will give you the perfect information as it has the content directly from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the U.S.

If you care for your near once and want them to keep away from depression then please ask them to add this app to their phone and get a complete overview of depression.

NIH Depression Information

There are various sections provided by this app to give complete information. You can see sections on symptoms, causes, diagnosis and the necessary treatment to be taken on any illness.

Don’t take this app’s suggestion as the end treatment to your illness, it’s just first aid and makes you aware of your mental health.

4) White Noise Lite –

Grandma’s medicine to stress and depression is deep sleep. If you sleep well, you will rarely come into stress. So, sleeping well is very important.

The lifestyle is becoming so fast that we don’t get enough time to sleep which indirectly leads to illness.

White Noise Lite

And here is the White Noise Android app to help you sleep better and deep. This app features an ambient sound to help you sleep deep at any time you want.

If you like to sleep in the afternoon like me then it works great to make us sleep even in the noise and light.

5) Meditation Lounge – 

This is one of my favorite apps, but I don’t use it on my phone rather love to listen to its music on the original website – the meditation lounge.

There are various categories with this app on meditation like – a meditation on Hope, Love, Peace, and meditation on God.

Meditation Lounge

A piece of pleasant music runs in the background with the sweet voice of lady to instruct us with the steps to meditation. It is the best remedy to keep us motivated, build our confidence and make us feel relaxed.

Whether you are suffering from stress or not but give this app a try

6) Relax Melodies – 

This is another app that would help you sleep better and deep. The bonus point with this app is, it is Amazon’s one of the top apps of 2012.

Relax Melodies

It is also recognized as the best and most popular sleep aid with a simple interface. This app mixes sounds and music of our choice which slip us into a deep sleep and make us relaxed.

Reviews are good about this app and I could say ‘ yes ‘ to give it a try.

7) Depression CBT Self–Help Guide – 

Another free app to make you feel relaxed and fresh. App features with CBT suggestions to build positive energy around you and keep you motivated.

You can also lock this app with a password. You will also get the clinical articles to overcome depression and CBT.

Depression CBT Self Help Guide

Just another option to listen to pleasant audio and go to deep sleep. I love this app and using it for the last 10 days on my phone ;).

Over To You – 

Dear friends, if you are suffering from stress, please use this app and let me know about your experience in the comment section.

Please do write as I have made a lot of research to come up with these best apps for you.Thanks….Cheers

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