Good Facebook Statuses To get Traffic From Facebook

When I first got rejected by Google Adsense, they mentioned my site has a very low social impact. I researched a lot and found that Good Facebook Statuses are very important to get traffic from Facebook.

I am particularly mentioning traffic from Facebook as it has 1.06 Billion monthly active users. And to make money blogging even 50,000 monthly visitors are enough to live out of it :).

Let’s come to the topic, how should be good Facebook statuses that can bring you mega traffic? It’s not as simple as the topic seems to be. Even you have thousands of fans and they aren’t converting into traffic it all goes in vain!

Here I’ll show the technique to publish working Facebook status to boost your fan page –

What are Good Facebook Statuses?

I have seen many blogs having Facebook Fans more than 2K, but I want to ask the admin are all the fans really liking and sharing your content?

I know most of them will answer very little or few. This is because the style of sharing content, presenting it, or status updates are going in the wrong way!

Feeling sad huh  don’t worry, now you’re at the right place to convert your fans to traffic

Good Facebook Statuses are those that will appeal to readers to share, comment, or at least like it.

This makes readers think you are still active and are writing the great stuff.

Guide To Write Good Facebook Statuses

The points I will be suggesting are all working ones. This gonna be helping you to get successful in your social media campaign :).

1) Post Humorous And Funny Facebook Status –

See guys, many of the people who are online are looking to talk to others or look for some pics which can make them happy.

And many times, we share only links on our page. This annoys our fans and after some posts of the same type, they will start ignoring your content.

So what I suggest is, share some funny pictures, you can add a link to your blog so that others can easily understand where the image came from. This will also help you to get more visitors

2) Give Proper Descriptive Status – 

Why not take my own example when I just started blogging, I created my fan page and all my close friends liked it. Then I started sharing articles there, but the shocking thing is I didn’t manage to reach a single person :(.

Why so? I haven’t given any description of the post I have shared. As a result, it started looking like spam. Moreover, I forget to add a catchy thumbnail.

You can see the screenshot below as a proof

No Description= No Share

Just write a short and simple description of your post. Don’t forget to use a related thumbnail. This helps a lot to make your fans click on your shared link.

3) Don’t Forget Mobile Users –

You yourself might be using Facebook on the mobile right? so what if you are given a lengthy text to read which is double the size of your phone’s screen?

Of course, this irritates you. So never forget that they are 33% mobile Facebook users. Write 2-3 lines of description of your post.

Don’t use large images. Use images that can say everything about the post.

4) Post Controversial and Unique Content –

This type of post is useful to boost up your Facebook fans as well as to get more Facebook likes. When sharing on social websites, post something amazing content that will make your blog go viral.

You’ll not believe but one of my posts reached more than my actual fans on Facebook. How does this happen? This is because I have started using good Facebook statuses. See the result yourself –

Likes More Than My Fans

It does not stop here, the post was very latest at the time and was enough controversial to boil down my post ;).

5) Facebook Is Not Only Yours – 

I think this point should be at the first position Writing only about yourself all the time is not required. Write about yourself only when you have some good news, entertainment gossip, or wanna share your experience.

Try sharing the content of others on your page that you find useful to your readers. Share some inspirational quotes, jokes, or pictures. Good Facebook statuses are all mixture of this stuff.

So friends never are you and only you all the time. Share about all over the world and understand what your readers like to read.

Final Words : 

Let’s round up all the important points we have discussed for good Facebook statuses. First of all post interesting facts, don’t always publish about yourself rather involve people with you.

Use less text and more images ( clear and descriptive ). Post an article of your reader’s taste.

So what are your views on this topic?

Do you have any other strategy? I’d love to hear from you guys. Go ahead and let the comments come  Cheers.

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