How Can We Hide IP Address Online

Hello Friends! This article is all about how you can hide your IP address online. I have purposely mentioned online as there is much free software available which you can download and help mask up to your IP address.

But why download such large software and make all things so complicated.

Try these great options which I sometimes use just for fun and hide my IP

1) Hide My Ass :

Hide my ass

This is one of my favorite proxy sites as it is very simple and comes with so many features. Hide my ass not only hide IP address but give a random IP if you are been traced.

Hide my ass is an easy and best option to hide your IP on the internet.


2) Smart Hide : 

Smart hide

This is also a great site where you can mask IP addresses and be anonymous on the internet. You can never be traced using smart hide so if you want to have fun do visit.


3) New IP Now :

New IP Now

The best thing about the new IP now is that you can manually set your geographic region. It has one nice feature which secures your browsing history by URL encryption.

You can also select your own IP address and country in which you want people to see you.


4) Hide My IP Address :

Hide My IP Adress

This is a good option for you if you want your IP to be hidden. You can mask up IP online and without any software download. The best thing is you can anonymously browse popular sites like Youtube, Facebook here.

Use this service and surf absolutely unknown on the web!

Over To You – 

I hope you will keep this just for your information and not misuse it.If you know some more proxy sites do tell me via comments.

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