How To Compile And Run Java Programs From Command Prompt

Hello everyone  Wanna compile and run java programs from a command prompt huh? don’t worry, I have explained this in very simple steps.

Many of you must be knowing that we can compile and run java programs with so many multi-language software, but what if you don’t have the software.

This software is not built-in for many OS but you have to download them and install them in your system. But you will definitely get a command prompt in each and every OS.

And now I will give you the way you can run and compile your java programs using your command prompt(cmd ). Just follow the instructions given below –

1) Open your command prompt.

Trick: press Windows + R and then type ‘ cmd 

To Compile java Program –

2) Type  javac

here ‘Demo’ I have my class name.

compile and run java programs from command prompt

Compile java programs

So now your program is compiled. And .class file is created. Now, this .class file is used to run the program completely.

To Run Java Program –

3) Type java ‘Demo’

Note: Type ‘java’ give ‘space’ type your class name.

compile and run java programs from command prompt

Run java programs


Conclusion – These are some simple steps to how you can compile and run your java programs from the command prompt. So, now even if you don’t have a java editor, it will be easy for you to work with your programs

I hope this article will help you. In case you are having some problems is running your program, feel free to ask me using the comment section.  Cheers!

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