How to Increase Search Engine Ranking with Low Competition Keywords

It is easy to rank at the top of the Google search engine if your web page has no competition. If you optimized for a word or phrase that nobody would ever type into Google, then you will rank at the top of the search engine results pages for that word if you type it into the Google search engine.

With that premise alone, it is possible to rise up through the search engine results pages using low competition keywords. If there is less competition, then there are fewer people to get ahead of you on the search engine results pages.

What low competition keywords are applicable to your website?

This is a good question because you can pick any old low-competition keyword and put it on your website to rank you up on the search engine results pages. But, if that keyword is not going to bring you relevant traffic then your website will rank highly but will never be clicked upon.

You need to find keywords that are relevant and applicable to your website. The trouble is that the more relevant and applicable they are, then the higher the chances are that your competition is using them.


Using low competition keywords is a risk

There is the very real risk that very few people are going to search for those keywords. If they are never going to search for your keyword then you are never going to get any traffic from that keyword.

You are basically going to optimize a page for keyword traffic that never arrives. There is also a chance that the keyword is used a little but that the traffic is so low in number or so untargeted that nobody actually clicks on your link in the search engine results.

How low does “low competition” mean to you?

You may be in a very competitive industry and what seems competitive to you may seem like being dwarfed to another website owner, so you need to ask yourself what “low competition” really means.

There are a number of ways that you can judge this. One of them is to look at the results presented on the Google search engine results and see how many of them are being clicked by your target audience.

You may have a lot of competition for your keywords, but your actual competition for customers may be very low. If this is the case, then your competition, in general, maybe very low. People may have to go to pages 7 and 8 in order to get a good look at you and your competition.

On the other hand, you may have a lot of direct competition on your search engine results. The first page may be loaded with your competitors and all of them may have very good websites. In this case, it is safe to say that you have a lot of competition and so the associated keywords are not “low competition” keywords.

In many cases, most people would agree that a low competition keyword is going to get you to the first five pages of the Google search engine results pages. Ideally, most people are going to want their low competition keywords to get them to the first page of the Google results because there are so few people searching.

A keyword could be considered low competition if it got you to the first five pages of the Google search engine results pages. Do not forget that your own additional SEO factors are going to contribute to your search engine results position and that it is not all about your keyword or your low-competition keywords.

Do not optimize every page

Just optimize a few tester pages for low competition keywords. They are too risky and unpredictable to base an entire website on them. You are just supposed to use them with a small number of web pages so that you can test how well they work.

If they draw in a reliable trickle of viewers, then they are worth the time and trouble. If they do not then you can use the same pages to experiment with other low-competition keywords in the future.

You can always test your low competition keyword

It is possible to test them with affiliate advertising, however, programs such as Google AdWords will show that the adverts are not running because the keywords are not used often enough. How true this is may be a problem, as to how can they know if the keyword you just put in will not be very popular tomorrow.

Still, you can play around with a few less-popular keywords using the Google AdWords program to see if they pull in any traffic. They have very specific analytics that you can use to measure the performance of each keyword. The only trouble is that you may be waiting a long time to get your clicks.

Conclusion – This was something I feel about increasing search engine traffic. If you are still struggling with ranking you must definitely go for all the points mentioned here.

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