How To Make Money On Your Blog – 5 Unavoidable Tips

We all felt like we are not making enough money at one time or another. Today I’ll tell you how to make money on your blog? Making money is good, for it provides a lot more choices when it comes to the standard of living, social status, independence, etc.

So more money is always welcomed in a capitalist and consumer-oriented society:).

Now that we have cleared the ground on why we need money, it is time to move on and discuss what are the 5 most logical steps towards steering our financial situation to more heightened states.

Of course, none of this would be possible if the internet had not been invented, so cheers for that as well

But naturally, you already know all that, and to make this introduction more bearable for even the most impatient of readers, I will skip any further (unnecessary) babbling and get right to the point.

So, how to make money on your blog? what are the 5 tips that will probably make you some money in the long run? And here they are…

How To Make Money On Your Blog

#1: Sell Ad Space

This tip is aimed at those of you, who can muster enough traffic to be ranked at least in the Top 500 Google search results using your respective keyword. Selling ad space is one way to make hard currency without having to do anything about it.

Beware! however, if you start putting up too many ads on your website, people will start hating you for it, and sooner or later your traffic decrease, exponentially at that! So stay smart and sell ads to companies that are by no way disturbing to your garden variety user

Google Adsense for example is the perfect tool for the job. All you need is an Adsense account and you are as good as rich.

#2: Make SEO For Some Company

You wouldn’t believe how much money people pay for good SEO. Like I said, however, your website needs to generate enough traffic to make a difference.

How do SEO-ing other companies work and how can you take advantage of that? Well, for one you need to make a formal/informal agreement with some company to promote their website through the process of linking.

Linking is putting the link ( somewhere on your website. It is not a particularly profitable maneuvered but at least it gets the job done, somewhat

make money on your blog

#3: Offer Products That People Would Buy

It is fairly difficult to ascertain the exact nature of your particular website and what is doing in terms of subject/content matter and revenue.

But regardless of its intent, the easiest way to make money, not just internet money, but all kinds of money alike, is to sell something that people would enjoy having. Be it books, t-shirts, assault weapons whatever!

The important thing here is to make it so you are paying your fair share of taxes if you don’t want to have any problems with the government. You can link eBay, Amazon and even Facebook accounts to make your operation look more professional.

#4: Offer Users Premium Content

Let’s say you have a forum section or something, but it is so good that you think it should not be offered to people for free!

You can always come up with some ‘premium’ member stuff, that if your website is popular enough, will generate a lot of gullible people to spend their money on this feature! You can add posts, videos, music, technical information, and ebooks to ‘sweeten the deal’ so to speak

#5: Have a Donation Box

Come up with some reason that you need money for and another reason why people should give you said money. Expanding your website, paying for more web-administrative work, the starving children of Ethiopia: it all works if you make it appealing enough.

If you’re going too good with it, you can even do a little tax evasion on the side if your charity work becomes recognized. Refrain from making up phony charities and actually pocketing the money that was supposed to go to, let’s say fight cancer or help Little Timmy walk again.

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