List Of Top Personal Time Management Softwares

Most people have terrible time management skills. Don’t go all defensive on me, now. I said most people, and I do include myself in that number.

There is no need for you to have a mental discussion with yourself trying to prove me wrong. You have terrible time management skills, too. Just admit it.

If you didn’t, why would you read an article about time management software? Because on some level, you recognize that you have a problem and you need help.

Don’t worry about it. As I said, it’s a big club. The first step of solving a problem is actually admitting that there is one. Let’s say you’ve done that. The second step is submitting to a higher power. In this case, a soulless piece of software that will apply cold logic to areas of your day you’re just not competent enough to handle alone.

But seriously, I like the fact that such software exists because it solved all my time management problems. I used to be late all the time.

So much so that my friends would show up 15 minutes late when we were going out, and I would still be late. It got embarrassing. It’s not like I was doing it on purpose. But I would watch just another YouTube video or complete just one more mission in a game and before I knew it, I was late. Again. But ever since I started using time management software, things got so much better.

I know show up everywhere on time and I manage to do all my work at the office without having to stay late. I will share the secret with you.


RescueTime is all around a great program that will change the way you handle your time at the office. When you install it, you can use it to determine how you use your time and how it would be allocated better.

It tracks the websites you visit and then throws them into different categories to make you feel ashamed. It also indicates your productivity levels on an objective scale so it can induce even worse feelings about what you’re doing with your time.

It allows you to block yourself from visiting distracting websites (let’s say that watching a 3-hour Vine compilation is not exactly the best use of your time; just sayin’). Less 9gag and more work!


Chrometa provides you with the same basic functionality as RescueTime. It tracks your activity on your computer and then shreds it into different categories. It can even tell you what sort of materials you were browsing on the Internet and for how long. It’s like Big Brother, only worse.

Anyway, unlike RescueTime, it provides a tool to track meetings and other cool operations, enabling you to exist in a higher plane of neatly organized time and boosted productivity.


Where would we be without timers? And Timer greatly enhances the current timer you have on your phone and allows you “time” yourself for doing different things.

OK, I know it sounds old school and it’s not really automated, but you have to make an effort. While automated programs will make your life easier, using Timer you will truly learn the meaning of self-discipline and self-limitation. It’s not that difficult to change. All you have to do is try and I’m sure you will succeed.

This can’t go on. You have to change. You know it. I know it. Think about all the things you have to do – if you have poor time management skills, how much of your life are you wasting?

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