Priyanka Virus In WhatsApp ! How To Play Safe & Remove It ?

When we hear the name “Priyanka” the picture that comes to our mind is a fair smart lady wearing a silver saree and dancing to the ‘Desi Girl‘ song ;).But here we will be discussing the Priyanka virus in WhatsApp.

The virus named ‘ Priyanka ‘ is spreading on Whatsapp. ( A messaging app used by millions of people )

What Is PriyankaVirus In Whatsapp?

There is a very old relationship associated with viruses and technology and we sometimes never knew in which and what form they are affecting us.

request from Priyanka virus 😛

Recently this week, a virus called ‘ Priyanka ‘ stroked Android’s famous app -Whatsapp. Priyanka virus in WhatsApp is started itself through a contact file. But the good thing is,  it does not harm the device and can be called just a funny virus( irritating ).

How ‘Priyanka’ Virus Spreads?

Fortunately, the virus does not spread on its own, you may receive a request from a pictureless person named ‘ Priyanka ‘.

All contacts changed to Priyanka by virus 🙁

As soon as you add/save the request it would change all the group names to ‘Priyanka‘.If infected more it would replace all your phone contacts with the name ‘ Priyanka ‘.

How To Remove ‘Priyanka’ Virus?

First of all, don’t save/add requests from the person named ‘ Priyanka ‘.But if have already saved it, here I have got the steps to remove the Priyanka virus – 

  1. Search all your contacts for ” Priyanka “.
  2. Delete all of them, don’t keep even single.
  3. Then go to – Setting of your phone.
  4. Select Manage Apps or Apps, then go to Whatsapp.
  5. Select Force Stop and then Clear Data.

Whatsapp Force Stop and Clear Data.

It is possible that you may get all your conversations been cleared now!

Conclusion :

Above is the best solution available right now to prevent from Priyanka virus in WhatsApp.In any case, don’t save/add a request from a person named ” Priyanka “.I am extremely sorry if your name is Priyanka.

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