Secure and Recover Your Sensitive Data with ReclaiMe!

If you ask me do I worry about the sensitive and important information on my hard disk? I would say NO!

Do you always intense about your important information security? Don’t worry guys here I am revealing my secret of how I keep my data secure and can recover it even if I accidentally delete it.

No doubt they are so many data recovery software available out there that can do this for us. But there are so many advantages that make ReclaiMe stand out from the crowd.

Let’s see some outstanding features of ReclaiMe –

1) Very User Friendly – requires absolutely no technical skills to work with this software.

2) Pre – Idea of Recovering Data – ReclaiMe is among very few recovery software that gives a clear idea of what data will be going to recover.

3) Works Fine With Any Devices – Compatibility is not an issue with ReclaiMe.

4) Recover From Most of the File Systems – such as FAT, exFAT, NTSF, ReFS..these file systems are commonly used by Windows versions like Vista, 7, 8, etc.

Is ReclaiMe worth Trying?

YES!  if you are planning to buy a data recovery software ReclaiMe comes in handy and is more secure. I will tell you my personal experience of how ReclaiMe saved me. Once I have shared my laptop with my friend. Unfortunately, an important file of my project was on the desktop, accidentally my friend deleted that file :(.

I was just helpless, I start thinking about what can be done to recover this so important file? the first answer that came into mind was ReclaiMe. ReclaiMe allowed me to easily recover my file and it was one of the life moments when I felt most relaxed ;).

So from next time whenever you come across such situation give try to reclaime, I am sure it will exceed your expectations.

Bonus Points –

ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery

Just another awesome feature added to this software. Using this you can even recover storage spaces on your hard drives, external memory cards, PDA’s, etc…

File systems like EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, and XFS can also be recovered which are used in Linux. So Linux users can also use this software. Unfortunately, right now ReclaiMe is not available for iOS :(.

Conclusion –

Lastly, I can say, ReclaiMe is the best data recovery software available out there. Once you install it, you never have to worry about your important file.

Start using ReclaiMe and get free from the worries of deleting files. Please let me know how is your experience with ReclaiMe once you install it.

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