The Importance Of Website Design

Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder so today we will learn about the importance of website design :).There are certain universal factors that might influence the traffic and success of your website, as well as the cost of actually making the thing.

From this frame of reference, the website design you choose in the end can really be crucial for the success of the whole endeavor. It’s not just about how the site looks, though, but rather how fast it loads too, which can also have a severe impact on your traffic!

The more bloated a design you have chosen, the more time it will need to load and people today aren’t all that keen on waiting if they can just visit a site that loads a second faster.

And if you don’t think that’s the case, then maybe you’re not as good at your job as you think you are, because you can be darn well sure that’s a fact – even one-second matters!

But it’s not just loading times and aesthetics either. There is a wide array of factors that can contribute to the success or failure of your venture. Navigation is also important.

                Importance Of Website Design

You might think it’s very slick that you have all those cool features and your site looks futuristic, but if people have to actually for loading, work, and navigate slowly through your pages, you can be sure they will be looking for an alternative and you can be absolutely positive they will find it. So, let’s study the importance of website design.

Importance of Website Design

Minimalistic Design Vs. Bloated Design

This is among the cases where less means more. When you go for a minimalistic design on your website, there are several benefits you get from this.

First of all, the price for the actual development of the site is going to be lower because there aren’t going to be many superficial and meaningless features.

You can save yourself some money by doing yourself and your business a favor. It’s a win-win situation, as many like to call it.

There are many features that aren’t absolutely essential for your website to function but are there, bloating it, making it heavier and taking longer to load, and also cause you more money.

If you choose to ignore them and go for a simpler design, you avoid all of that and save some cash.

Why is this important? Consider this – many people today access the Internet from a plethora of mobile devices and all of these people have busy schedules (not objectively busy with something really important, of course, but it will definitely be more important than waiting for your site to load for longer than 3 seconds).

39% of the people on this planet use the Internet regularly and many are using mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, notebooks.

The heavier, more bloated, and tougher to navigate your site is, the worse your conversion rate will be. 57% of the people will leave your site if takes longer than 3 seconds to load and 80% will never return again.

This is bad for business and can easily be avoided by choosing a proper design.

Not only that, but it would also be better for you if your site is easy to navigate. New features and tools might look cool, and I would probably be impressed by them for 5 seconds, but when you actually have to find something and you really aren’t the patient type, you would choose the simplistic design any day, and you can be sure that most people do.

Also, minimalistic doesn’t have to mean bad – you can still have the excellent design but with the more meaningless features removed, your site will be faster, have more traffic, and have a bigger conversion rate.

Conclusion – 

I hope you’re now clear about the importance of website designI you haven’t done the proper changes please do them first. If you still face some problems with the website design, I am always there to help you.

Feel free to mention any queries in the comment section, it will be my pleasure to solve your problem.

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