Ultimate Guide To Write Great Blog Post

There are a number of sites that have the same niche as yours, right? but what exactly the factor which brings visitors to read your blog is – your great blog post.

Visitors come to your site if they can easily understand your thoughts, you can solve their problems and interact with readers. So, I will tell you how you can write a great blog post that covers all these points

What you’ll Learn – 

  • ‘ Title ‘ writing technique.
  • Make your post interactive.
  • Writing Skills.
  • You’ll become an expert in writing a great blog post.

                           How To Write Great Blog Post

1) Title / Heading Of Post –

Let’s come to the shopping example again. When we go shopping we don’t go into the shop and check if this shop is a cloth shop or grocery store, rather we just read the banner and we come to know which shop is this and we enter.

Same with the post title, visitor reads the title and then guesses what they will go to read in your post.

So always write clear descriptive, attractive, and eye-catchy titles for each and every post.

When writing SEO-friendly content, try to add your selected keyword in the heading (It’s very necessary nowadays).

2) Write Descriptive Blog Post – 

Descriptive means you should write more lengthy and meaningful content. Many bloggers think writing lengthy articles will help their article to rank up in the search result. But this is not true, lengthy article doesn’t mean you should write anything crap in the post making it untidy.

Quantity is Useless Without Quality

When you are writing, clear all the concepts thoroughly. Never leave anything that readers will not understand.

If possible create infographics and add them to your post and keep a Pinterest button near to it. Use Markerly to do that for you.

Great Blog Post

3) Proper Keyword Stuffing – 

Keywords are very important in any blog post as your post will be ranked for the keyword you have used.

We often say use keywords in a post, but do you know where should be this keyword to be stuffed in our post? No ? I’ll tell you  There are 3 most important places where your keyword should come –

  • Title of your post.
  • Intro Para.
  • Meta Description.

Use Google Keyword Tool to get keyword ideas and stuff that keyword at the place described above.

4) Research – 

I have intentionally mentioned research in the 4th position. Read why – there are rarely any topics for which you can find less or no useful information.

So it really matters what you are coming up with for your readers. When any title comes to your mind to write on, research for that, see what others have written.

Observe each and every point of at least the first 5 results search engines are giving for your selected topic.

Understand all that posts and write even better and more informative than that posts. This is very good practice for every blogger.

5) Make It Interactive – 

Building relationships with your readers help you get long-term visitors which we called as power visitors.

How to build relationships? When you start writing your post, tell a short story about yourself or a real-life example based on the topic you’re writing.

Doing this will not only get you power visitors but also help in gaining the trust of your readers.

Involve your readers in the post by asking their views, thoughts on the topic. This will help you get more comments also.

The Last Words – 

I hope it is clear to you how should be a blog post.

I tried my best to cover all the objectives of this post and make you understand everything.

Still, if you have something to add to make it more awesome, please do write in the comment section

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