Top 5 Early Investors In Google – Billionaire Now

The title is something that everyone thinks about. Imagine this – you are one of the early investors in Google and you’ve become Billionaire now

Isn’t this a wonderful dream? Of course, it is! Everyone out there has some or the other kind of potential to do something best. The problem is many die without knowing their potential and what great things they would have done in their life.

Today this post is all about early investors in Google who believed in Sergey Brin & Larry Page and supported their work.

Google founders know Who They Are and How They Can! They started working on search algorithms and on the other hand when it came to investments, the following guys were the early investors in Google.

Now without wasting more time, let’s see who are those smart investors in Google –


Early Investors In Google


1) Andreas Von Bechtolsheim –

  • ” Andy” is more famous as the founder of Sun Microsystems.
  • Andreas is one of the two investors in Google. He invested the US  $100,000 in Google in September 1998.
  • Interesting thing is, he gave a check to Sergey Brin & Larry Page for the name ‘ Google Inc ‘ before the company was founded.
  • He also motivated them to keep the name as ” Google ”.
  • Andreas now at the age of 58 has a net worth of US $ 2.8 Billion

2) David Cheriton 

  • The story says David is the one who wrote the first check to Sergey Brin & Larry  Page.
  • He is co-founder of Granite Systems – now acquired by Cisco Systems and develops gigabit ethernet.
  • Canadian by birth and now lives in Palo Alto, California.
  • Now at the age of 62, he has a net worth of $ 1.7 Billion.


3) Kavitark Ram Shriram 

  • Shriram is one of the early investors in Google.
  • He worked for Netscape and then started working as an officer at Shriram also served as President to the online shopping firm Junglee.
  • Born in Madras, India ( my motherland ), and now lives in Mento Park, California.
  • His net worth is $ 1.7 Billion.

4) Ron Conway 

  • Ron is the best buddy for start-ups in Silicon Valley.
  • He lives in San Francisco, United States.
  • He is one of the investors in Google.
  • Ron’s company’s approx. net worth is $ 1.5 Billion.
  • He is also an early investor in companies like Ask Jeeves, Paypal, etc.

5) Jeffrey Bezos 

  • Jeff Bezos, the man responsible for
  • You’ll not believe but Jeff invested $250K in Google( 1998) only because he fell in love with Larry and Sergey.
  • His investment now adds $1.6 Billion to his total net worth.
  • At the age of 49, Bezos approx. net worth is $ 27.2 Billion which makes him the 19th  Billionaire in the world

Some More Lucky Guys

The people discussed below are not investors in Google but they are helping Google to reach new heights.

6) Eric Schmidt 

  • Eric Schmidt became the CEO of Google in 2001.
  • He is one of the people who became a Billionaire doing a job.
  • Eric is now Executive Chairman at Google and lives in Atherton, CA.
  • At the age of 58, Eric has a net worth of $ 8.3 Billion.

7) Omid Kordestani

  • Omid is Iranian American who serves as Senior Advisor at Google.
  • Omid was selected as The Persian Person of the year in 2007.
  • Omid now lives in Atherton, California.
  • His net worth is $1.4 Billion.

Why This List – 

This is my first article in the top list category. And as a blogger, we are always eager to know more and more about Google. And today I thought of writing the list of early investors in Google and helping it grow.

I hope you enjoyed the list. This will also let you think about some investments plans Stay tuned for the next interesting list. Cheers.

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